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About Us

Who we are

Transport for the North is the organisation formed to transform the transport system across the North of England, providing the infrastructure needed to drive economic growth.

We are a unique partnership, with elected  and business leaders from all areas of Northern England uniting to work with central government and national transport bodies. Find out more about our governance.

We are based across the North, with offices in Manchester and Leeds and have colleagues working within local transport bodies across the North.

We submitted our proposal for statutory status in October 2016, and have received a positive response from the Secretary of State to our submission. Find out more about what statutory status means for Transport for the North.

Transport for the North will not replace or replicate the work of existing local transport bodies. Our role is to add strategic value by ensuring that funding and strategy decisions about transport in the North are informed by local knowledge and requirements. This fits with the devolution agenda and TfN will draw powers down from central government rather than up from local government.

Transport for the North's Vision

“Our vision is of a thriving North of England, where modern transport connections drive economic growth and support an excellent quality of life.”

Chairman's message

“Transport for the North is striving to improve the frequency, capacity, speed and resilience of the North’s transport system to make it easier for people and goods to move throughout the region. In doing so we want to create a globally competitive environment that can sustain economic growth for decades to come.”

“This is a landmark opportunity for the North of England to plan and prioritise infrastructure investment for the entire region and across all transport modes. This is significant not just for the North, but for the UK as a whole, as this has the potential to make a substantial contribution to rebalancing the national economy.”

John Cridland, Chairman

David Brown Chief Executive


Transport for the North’s core values were developed in collaboration with its staff team. They reflect how we operate, both individually and as an organisation. Our core values are:

  • We make a difference

    - We will create opportunities for people and businesses that would not happen without us
    - We will improve and change the way things are done, capitalising on the North’s unique strengths
    - We will make the most of our position to stretch the boundaries of what we can achieve

  • We collaborate

    - We consult our partners and are the embodiment of a ‘single voice for the North’
    - We make the most of all our relationships, spanning the North of England and beyond, to deliver the right solutions
    - We build our relationships based on openness, transparency, trust and integrity

  • We do the right thing

    - We make sustainable, evidence-based decisions that maximise the positive outcomes they deliver for people and businesses across the North
    - We will work together to improve connectivity and deliver a vibrant and growing economy across the North of England over the short, medium and long term
    - We embrace diversity and work with others with honesty and respect

  • We are driven to succeed

    - We want to be the very best we can be: the drive for excellence and innovation informs everything we do
    - We will develop and grow, learning from both our mistakes and successes and sharing this with our partners
    - We are proud to represent the North and will facilitate a step change in connectivity across the North of England by being role models for how things are done