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Employment Policies & Procedures

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Policy              Title                    Last Updated

EP01 Recognition Agreement July 2018
EP02 Disciplinary April 2018
EP03 Grievance April 2018
EP04 Performance Improvement April 2018
EP05 Dignity at Work May 2020
EP06 Diversity July 2018
EP07 Absence & Welfare November 2019
EP08 Maternity Leave November 2018
EP09 Paternity Leave April 2018
EP10 Parental Leave April 2018
EP11 Shared Parental Leave April 2018
EP12 Adoption Leave April 2018
EP13 Flexible Working Request April 2018
EP14 Flexible Working Hours April 2018
EP15 Recruitment & Selection July 2020
EP16 Security of Employment (Redundancy) April 2018
EP17 Skills & Development April 2018
EP18 Flexible & Early Retirement April 2018
EP19 Drugs & Alcohol Use April 2018
EP20 Pay, Grading & Job Evaluation April 2018
EP22 Adverse Weather & Travel Disruption April 2018
EP23 Leave of Absence April 2018
EP24 Environmental April 2018
EP25 Vehicle User April 2018
EP26 Additional Annual Leave and Career Break April 2018
EP27 Salary Sacrifice October 2018
EP28 General Data Protection Regulations April 2018
EP29 Compensation and LGPS Discretions April 2018
EP30 Safeguarding April 2018
EP31 Code of Conduct April 2018
EP33 Probation Policy January 2020


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