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Guidance | Filming and audio recording at meetings

This guidance applies to the public meetings held by Transport for the North – Transport for the North Board, Rail North Committee, Scrutiny Committee and Audit & Governance Committee.

Transport for the North supports the principles of openness and transparency and welcomes public and press attendance at its public meetings.

Transport for the North Board and committee meetings (Rail North Committee, Scrutiny Committee and Audit & Governance Committee) are open to the public and media, except for items which contain commercial or exempt information which is excluded from public discussion, which are discussed in private.

Members of the public and press are permitted to film and record public meetings. Video and audio broadcasting recording are permitted during open sections, as is live reporting via social media channels such as blogging, Twitter and Facebook. Any such recording or reporting must be done so as not to disrupt the meeting or impede other attendees from following proceedings.

The Chairman of the meeting has absolute discretion to suspend or terminate any recording or live reporting if, in his or her opinion, such activities are disruptive, distracting, or have the potential to prejudice proceedings. This could include:

• Public disturbance
• Where continued recording/reporting could infringe the rights of any person present
• When an individual requests that they are not filmed or recorded and it is not possible for the recording to continue without conforming to this request

General conditions:

• The use of flash photography or additional lighting will not be allowed
• Equipment must not be placed in a position/way that would impede access
• All recording/reporting must be done from the public area only

In order to safeguard children, the vulnerable and individuals who do not wish to be filmed, we will take reasonable precautions to ensure that space is provided where such individuals cannot be filmed.

Individuals wishing to film or record are asked, where possible, to notify Transport for the North of their attendance in advance by emailing or calling 0161 244 1450. Requests for further information or interviews should also be made to this contact.

Dates, agendas and public papers for each meeting can be found here.

Meetings of the Transport for the North Board are webcast live here.

This guidance will be displayed at all public Transport for the North meetings.