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Liverpool City Region provides international links for Northern Powerhouse

Ever dream of taking your business to the world-famous Silicon Valley? While the Californian giant is a well-known start-up haven, you might not need to travel as far to get ...
Wednesday 30th May 2018

Focus on Tees Valley

Home to over 660,000 people, Tees Valley is a region in the North East of England which is renowned for its industrial centre. With over 17,000 businesses registered in the area ...
Tuesday 29th August 2017

Modal Training | Hard Skills

Modal Training Ltd, a cutting-edge training provider. This is the first organisation in the UK to provide multi modal logistics training for sea, road, rail and air, as well as a full ...
Tuesday 29th August 2017

Focus on Sheffield

Connectivity is vital for growth, we will focus on key areas within the North of England which will form a key part of future economic growth. This month we’ll look at Sheffield ...
Thursday 1st December 2016

What Does Tourism and Transport Mean to Cumbria?

It has long been acknowledged that investment in infrastructure and transport projects in Cumbria is critical to the wellbeing of the local economy and to the creation of a world class visitor destination ...
Thursday 1st December 2016


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