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Modal Training | Hard Skills

Modal Training Ltd, a cutting-edge training provider. This is the first organisation in the UK to provide multi modal logistics training for sea, road, rail and air, as well as a full ...
Tuesday 29th August 2017

Collective approach to closing the skills gap

We are currently undertaking a major review of transport skills across the whole of the North. Bringing groups together in a series of regional consultation events aimed at providing the opportunity for representatives ...
Thursday 25th May 2017

Focus on Cheshire and Warrington

Cheshire and Warrington is one of the best performing economies in the country with a Gross Value Added per head of nearly 115% of the UK national average. In 2015, a record number ...
Friday 19th May 2017

Above The Cloud

When Lawrence Jones began his cloud solution business 15 years ago he had foresight to know the Northern Powerhouse was possible and achieveable. Today, he is helping to shape the next generation of ...
Wednesday 10th May 2017

High Speed Prospects

The National College for High Speed Rail is the largest of five national, employer-led colleges being created by the Government to help British students develop world-class skills. Its mission is to ...
Tuesday 25th April 2017


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