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Leeding by example – the forefront of FinTech

Leeds City Region has long been a hub for financial services businesses. More recently, its culture of innovation has seen it emerge as a centre for the creative and digital industry, as well ...
Tuesday 29th August 2017

Modal Training | Hard Skills

Modal Training Ltd, a cutting-edge training provider. This is the first organisation in the UK to provide multi modal logistics training for sea, road, rail and air, as well as a full ...
Tuesday 29th August 2017

Smart Ticketing

Already customers can use a smart card, contactless bank card, or their smartphone, for travel by public transport in the North of England. But, ‘Smart North’ will build upon current systems to develop ...
Friday 19th May 2017

Driving The Future

In the last 20 years technological advances have seen vehicle automation catapult into the forefront of car manufacturers and tech companies’ psyches. Now it seems everyone has joined the race ...
Friday 19th May 2017

High Speed Prospects

The National College for High Speed Rail is the largest of five national, employer-led colleges being created by the Government to help British students develop world-class skills. Its mission is to ...
Tuesday 25th April 2017


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