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Welcome to Transport for the North’s Business Plan

This Business Plan details what we’ve achieved in the last year, but it also looks ahead, providing direction for our teams and representing the priorities of the Northern leaders who make up our governance.

The 2020/21 business year holds great promise for Transport for the North

Over the past 12 months we have worked with our partners to speak out with one voice about the case for investing in our transport networks, highlighting the constraints the people and businesses of our region are facing, the investment we need in order to address them, and the major benefits we stand to gain from a better-connected region.

Business Plan 2020/21

Our vision and objectives

We are making the case for strategic transport improvements across the whole of the North, which are needed to drive inclusive and sustainable transformational economic growth and rebalance the UK economy.

Four pan-Northern objectives guide our Members’ decisions:

Our goals for the next year

With the Strategic Transport Plan submitted and our programmes maturing, we’ll need to drive forward progress across each area of TfN. From ensuring a strong and credible business case for Northern Powerhouse Rail is created at pace; to embedding the ambitions of the Northern Transport Charter into our day-to-day work; we’ll continue to monitor progress at organisational, departmental and individual level.

A full breakdown of our aims for each programme is covered in depth within the document.

North of England TfN
Rail passenger with red cross

What Impact will Covid-19 have?

Transport for the North is currently working to identify the extent of the impact of Covid-19 on its ability to deliver against the work programmes set out within our Business Plan and specifically the Key Performance Indicators that have been identified.

Our focus on the long-term, strategic investment our region needs will continue. We will also, though the Rail North Partnership arrangements and our own Strategic Rail team, continue to manage the franchises to keep key workers and goods moving in the short-term and to help support the economy as we return to a more normal way of life at the appropriate time.