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Freight and Logistics

Freight and Logistics

This is an integral part of our work. Traditionally seen as a purely private sector entity, we’ve identified the industry as a key sector for enabling economic growth in the North of England.

The North has freight flows that are building the South. Crossrail is built with northern steel, transported to London by rail, made to an exceptionally high standard.

Road freight plays a huge role in moving goods around the North. Whether it’s delivering a car component to build the latest Nissan model or ensuring the latest Amazon order makes it to a customer on time, road freight plays its part. Whether we are moving things in a lorry or van, the way we shop and consume goods is changing. The infrastructure that’s needed to cope with this change needs to be carefully planned and designed.

We are using our freight work to inform the corridor studies. This will allow us to see the impact of growth on the roads and railways of both passengers and freight and what this means for the new or enhanced infrastructure we need.

Enhanced Freight and Logistics Analysis Report

In our Enhanced Freight and Logistics Analysis Report we identify that our key freight priorities are:

• Enhancing east-west connectivity;
• Enhancing north-south connectivity;
• Providing general capacity enhancements; and
• Improving intermodal connectivity.

These are backed up by connectivity priorities that link to our corridor studies, all supported and endorsed by partners including businesses from the ports and logistics sector.

To help drive economic growth, we need to take action through two overarching methods:

• Reduce the demand for infrastructure; and / or
• Increase the capacity of the transport infrastructure.

The Enhanced Analysis Report focuses on how the freight and logistics sector in the North could be enhanced and supported by Transport for the North.

Download the full Freight and Logistics report
Freight & Logistics Enhanced Analysis Report

The updated report provides the baseline for understanding the North’s markets and travel patterns for road, rail, air, coastal shipping and inland waterway for freight.

Strategic Transport Plan | One North

The first time the North has come together to outline the robust case for transformational transport investment across all of the North, to rebalance the UK economy