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Advancing the North’s Historical Strengths | Advanced manufacturing

Five minutes with our first cohort of apprentices   |  Friday 2nd November 2018

Transport for the North apprentices share what they’ve learned so far and how it is helping to shape their futures.

Developing the North’s Major Roads Network   |  Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Peter Molyneux, Transport for the North’s Major Roads Director, explains why we need a Major Roads Network for the North and how the network has been mapped out.

Transport investment: a catalyst for growth across the North   |  Monday 3rd September 2018

It’s time to stop seeing transport investment as a nice-to-have. It’s a cut-through catalyst for growth in sectors across the North, argues Barry White. The Chief Executive of Transport for the North discusses how connectivity is the bedrock of the region’s future prosperity. The power of the North is unrelenting. Its star status as a […]

Collaboration – it’s not high-tech but it’s smart   |  Wednesday 8th August 2018

Transport for the North (TfN) is playing a unique role in overseeing the regional implementation of smart cards on rail, to make sure it works for the whole of the region. Collaboration is fundamental to successfully moving the project forward towards delivery.

Feedback from the Place North West Northern Transport Summit   |  Thursday 26th July 2018

On Monday 25 June, the second Northern Transport Summit was held in Manchester. Our Senior Corporate Engagement Officer, Stephen Smith, went along to this year’s event to see how things had moved on.

World class innovation in the North East   |  Monday 2nd July 2018

It is widely accepted that world class innovation lies at the heart of growth. But the question remains; how can we nurture innovation to ensure that it achieves its full potential?

Drax | Powering the Powerhouse   |  Tuesday 26th June 2018

The North Yorkshire town of Selby houses one of the UK’s largest power stations, Drax Power Station – responsible for churning out 7% of the country’s electricity.

Global specialist leads the fight against cyber crime from the North   |  Monday 4th June 2018

With an increase in cyber crime across the globe, digital experts have never needed to be more vigilant than in recent years. While it seems that almost every other news story is focused on cyber-crime, the North is fighting back with the intent of becoming a significant hub for cyber-security protection. Ever since the Government’s […]

North East businesses boost automotive industry   |  Monday 4th June 2018

The North-East enjoys international renown as a bastion of automotive manufacturing and engineering. This is through the recent establishment of the Hitachi factory in Newton Aycliff, alongside the recognised Nissan plant in Washington, highlights the potential for growth and opportunity in the automotive industry. Niche manufacturers and high-performing SMEs in the North East are equally […]

Liverpool City Region provides international links for Northern Powerhouse   |  Wednesday 30th May 2018

Ever dream of taking your business to the world-famous Silicon Valley? While the Californian giant is a well-known start-up haven, you might not need to travel as far to get your business inspiration fix with the North’s international links. Taking to the Global stage, Liverpool is set to host the International Business Festival (IBF) once […]

CEO Barry White discusses his vision for the organisation   |  Friday 4th May 2018

Barry White reviews the achievements of Transport for the North to date and describes his vision for an organisation with transformational ambitions.

It’s about TAME! Our exciting programme to build the evidence base for transformational change   |  Thursday 29th March 2018

Our exciting programme to build the evidence base for transformational change TAME stands for Transport Analysis, Modelling and Economics. This area of Transport for the North provides the evidence base for our long-term transport plans. We sat down with TAME’s two lead people to find out more… Tim Foster (left) is Head of Economic Advice at […]

Collaboration for smartcards on rail   |  Wednesday 21st February 2018

Collaborating with Northern, TransPennine Express and the Department for Transport to deliver a solution in the North as part of the national smart on rail programme.

Your chance to help shape the North for future generations   |  Wednesday 31st January 2018

Interim Director of Strategy Jonathan Spruce invites you to have your say on transport investment in the North of England. Transport for the North set out an ambitious 30-year plan for improving transport connections across the North to drive economic growth last week. Apart from the chance to close the economic gap between the North […]

Listening to our stakeholders – Our Strategic Transport plan to #TransformTheNorth   |  Monday 29th January 2018

Transport for the North has had a busy start to the year, in early January the House of Commons debated and voted on a motion to make us the UK’s first Sub-national Transport body. Following this we launched our Strategic Transport plan, our 30-year vision for transformational change to transport infrastructure in the North. We […]

Responding to the National Infrastructure Commission’s ‘High Speed North’ report   |  Wednesday 24th January 2018

Tim Wood, Interim Northern Powerhouse Rail Director responds to National Infrastructure Commission report

Advancing the North’s Historical Strengths | Advanced manufacturing   |  Tuesday 29th August 2017

The North has always been a powerhouse, not least because of its manufacturing capabilities. It is now building on its industrial heritage, as a pioneer of all forms of advanced manufacturing.

Leeding by example – the forefront of FinTech ,   |  Tuesday 29th August 2017

Leeds City Region has long been a hub for financial services businesses. More recently, its culture of innovation has seen it emerge as a centre for the creative and digital industry, as well as a leading location for FinTech (financial technology).

Focus on Tees Valley ,   |  Tuesday 29th August 2017

Home to over 660,000 people, Tees Valley is a region in the North East of England which is renowned for its industrial centre. With over 17,000 businesses registered in the area, Tees Valley’s economy is continuing to grow, up £217m from 2014 to £12.6bn in 2015. The region’s business birth rate is higher than the national average, at 14.6%. Tees Valley combines competitive land, property and labour costs with a wide range of financial support and assistance.

Fastening our seat belts for take off – Manchester Airport   |  Tuesday 29th August 2017

Manchester Airport is the global gateway to the Northern Powerhouse and the largest airport outside of London, with more than 210 destinations served by 70 airlines. The airport is worth £1.87bn to the regional economy. Manchester Airport MD, Collette Roche believes ‘the time is now’, for the government to ramp up its commitment to the […]

Modal Training | Hard Skills , ,   |  Tuesday 29th August 2017

Modal Training Ltd, a cutting-edge training provider. This is the first organisation in the UK to provide multi modal logistics training for sea, road, rail and air, as well as a full range of support services.

Mike Perls, MC2 CEO | The importance of transport infrastructure   |  Tuesday 29th August 2017

MC2 is a thriving strategic communications consultancy business with its heart in the North of England and its ambition on a global stage. With offices in both Manchester and San Francisco, Mike Perls, the founder of MC2, understands just how vital good transport links are to growing business and the economy. He tells us about the importance of transport infrastructure investment in growing the North’s economy.

Mersey Gateway an iconic link in our transport network   |  Tuesday 22nd August 2017

The North of England will gain an iconic link in its transport network in Autumn 2017 with the opening of the Mersey Gateway.

Two years of progress | CEO David Brown   |  Thursday 17th August 2017

As David Brown leaves us as Chief Executive to take over the reins at Arriva Rail North, we sat down with him to hear his reflections on the last two years and his hopes for the future at Transport for the North (TfN).

Collective approach to closing the skills gap   |  Thursday 25th May 2017

We are currently undertaking a major review of transport skills across the whole of the North. Bringing groups together in a series of regional consultation events aimed at providing the opportunity for representatives to meet and discuss what a ‘skilled North’ means to them. Clare Linton, Researcher at Urban Transport Group gives her thoughts on what the transport skills agenda means to her and her organisation.

Smart Ticketing   |  Friday 19th May 2017

Already customers can use a smart card, contactless bank card, or their smartphone, for travel by public transport in the North of England. But, ‘Smart North’ will build upon current systems to develop more sophisticated smart ticketing, payment and information technologies to transform the way people can travel across the North.

Focus on Cheshire and Warrington   |  Friday 19th May 2017

Cheshire and Warrington is one of the best performing economies in the country with a Gross Value Added per head of nearly 115% of the UK national average. In 2015, a record number of businesses registered in Cheshire, with almost 12,000 new companies formed in the year – an increase of more than 10% from 2014. Cheshire and Warrington has a highly skilled workforce, home to the highest proportion of people educated to degree level or above in the North. It has also shown an impressive increase in high growth companies.

Power On The Horizon   |  Friday 19th May 2017

When the first huge turbine blade to be manufactured at Siemens’ wind power factory in Hull was revealed, it represented far more than just 75 metres of technological and engineering expertise.

Driving The Future   |  Friday 19th May 2017

In the last 20 years technological advances have seen vehicle automation catapult into the forefront of car manufacturers and tech companies’ psyches. Now it seems everyone has joined the race.

Above The Cloud   |  Wednesday 10th May 2017

When Lawrence Jones began his cloud solution business 15 years ago he had foresight to know the Northern Powerhouse was possible and achieveable. Today, he is helping to shape the next generation of technically and digitally skilled workers with his innovative and revolutionary thinking.

High Speed Prospects ,   |  Tuesday 25th April 2017

The National College for High Speed Rail is the largest of five national, employer-led colleges being created by the Government to help British students develop world-class skills. Its mission is to create a highly skilled and diverse workforce for the rail industry of the future.

David Brown on achievements of the last year and TfN’s plans for 2017-18   |  Friday 14th April 2017

Following the publication of our new Business Plan and our Spring 2017 Update Report, TfN Chief Executive David Brown reflects on the achievements of the past year and looks ahead to 2017-18.

Sub-national Transport Body status – what this means for Transport for the North   |  Friday 17th March 2017

John Cridland, Chair of Transport for the North explains the historical importance of our Statutory Transport Body status and what it means for the region.

Digital Eye on Transport   |  Thursday 1st December 2016

The Northern Powerhouse Independent Economic Review, commissioned by TfN on behalf of northern partners, identified four prime capabilities which could drive transformational growth in the North’s economy. One of these four capabilities is Digital, so we decided to sit down with three Northern influencers in one of the fastest moving business sectors to ask their views on real-world connectivity. Here’s what they had to say.

Focus on Sheffield   |  Thursday 1st December 2016

Connectivity is vital for growth, we will focus on key areas within the North of England which will form a key part of future economic growth. This month we’ll look at Sheffield City Region (SCR), a major Northern economy which will also provide a vital link between the North and the nation.

What Does Tourism and Transport Mean to Cumbria?   |  Thursday 1st December 2016

It has long been acknowledged that investment in infrastructure and transport projects in Cumbria is critical to the wellbeing of the local economy and to the creation of a world class visitor destination to which we all aspire.

The Future is Electric   |  Thursday 1st December 2016

Electric vehicles may still seem a distant future for many in the UK, but with government commitments to cutting emissions by 2050, we are looking at 60% of new car sales being ultra-low emissions or electric by 2030. Phil Blythe, Professor of Intelligent Transport Systems at Newcastle University and Chief Scientific Advisor, Department for Transport explains more.

Small Medium Enterprise (SME) viewpoint   |  Thursday 1st December 2016

We ask small and medium sized businesses across the North West what improved transport links will mean for their business. We speak to Mark Bigley, Director of the Delivery Group, Lynsey Morrison, Finance Director of the Warrant Group and Dr Maurizio Bragagni, CEO Tratos UK.

Connectivity to Fuel Growth   |  Thursday 1st December 2016

The goal of Transport for the North (TfN) is to create a world class transport system, a system that will better link up the individual cities and towns in the North, to allow them to function as a single economy and be stronger than the sum of their parts.


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