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Beyond borders: Why everybody needs good neighbours when it comes to transport investment

A thriving North not only needs reliable transport connections within the region; people and goods also have to cross borders easily and get to neighbouring parts of the UK. Senior Strategy Officer Robin ...
Tuesday 25th June 2019

Northern Powerhouse: Five years on

It’s been five years since George Osborne’s speech in Manchester coined the now often-used phrase ‘the Northern Powerhouse’. Loved and loathed in equal measures, it’s become the go ...
Friday 21st June 2019

Is freight the bass player of the transport industry?

Lucy Hudson, Lead Officer for Freight and Logistics, reflects on the importance of freight and considers if it's the bass player of the transport industry ...
Wednesday 19th June 2019

Manchester Airport: Reaching new shores

Tim Wood, Northern Powerhouse Rail Director, spoke to the Manchester Airport Forum to outline how better connectivity to the airport could power economic growth and opportunity for the North ...
Tuesday 11th June 2019

Fuelling the first years of life

The journey of a jar of Heinz baby food, from factory to shop floor, is a logistical labyrinth. For Kraft Heinz, who produce several ranges of baby and toddler food under the Heinz ...
Friday 7th June 2019

MaaS for the Masses | Evolving data and smart ticketing propositions

Richard Bradley, Head of Data, Modelling & Appraisal, considers whether our development of data and smart ticketing could naturally progress to support Mobility-as-a-Service for the North ...
Friday 31st May 2019


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