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International Connectivity

Supporting the North's Global reach

If the North was performing as it should, we would currently have 4 million more air passengers – that’s ten percent more than now.

We want to increase the North’s international connectivity so that it can perform on the global stage, making it easier and more attractive for businesses and entrepreneurs to work together and reach customers and suppliers across the North, the UK and the rest of the world.

If we can increase the range of destinations and frequency of services that have direct connections from our ports and airports, then we will see more people and goods entering the North directly from across the world – increasing visitor numbers and boosting the economy.

We need a better-connected North. This will it make it faster and cheaper for businesses to access international markets, encouraging outward and inward overseas trade and investment which will facilitate economic growth.

Connecting the North to the rest of the world starts on the ground so our work focuses on improving access to ports and airports. We want people and goods to be able to get to and from the North easily from our ports, airports, by car and public transport.

With improved and more frequent connections, it will become easier and quicker to access ports and airports.

The North now

  • Around 42 million passengers per year fly from Northern airports
  • 50% of long haul passengers flying from the North had to take connecting flights
  • 11% of UK air freight is customs cleared in the North, but only 4% of air freight is flown from the North
  • £5.5bn of direct economic contribution from airports in the North
  • The North has capacity for 60 million more air passengers flying annually to/from the region
  • Approximately 33% of all UK freight uses Northern Ports

By 2050

  • The North should have 75 million air passengers
  • 90% of long haul passengers should be able to fly directly from the North to their global destination
  • All air freight from the North should be able to fly from the North – providing it with £13bn in direct economic contribution

We are making the case for pan-Northern strategic transport improvements, which are needed to support transformational economic growth.

We will do this by identifying and evaluating transport interventions that will improve access to the North’s ports and airports, allowing the North to increase its productivity, create more job opportunities and make a greater contribution to the UK economy.

Download the Independent International Connectivity report and key messages below

Independent International Connectivity Report

The Independent International Connectivity Commission was established to examine the economic role of international connectivity for the North of England. This report includes

International Connectivity Key Messages

This document sets out the plan for the North to be connected to the global marketplace via the regions ports and airports