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Strategic Road Studies

Northern Trans Pennine Routes

Between Derby and Stoke-on-Trent in the south and Glasgow and Edinburgh in the North, there is only one continuous east-west dual carriageway road: the M62. This means there is only one dual carriageway continuous east-west route in the whole of the North of England.

The Northern Trans Pennine Routes Study has been investigating options for a new strategic east-west corridor north of the M62 by upgrading one or both of the A66/A685 and A69 corridors.

A Stage 3 Report for the Northern Trans Pennine Routes study was published in November 2016, and the Government subsequently announced that it would undertake further work to develop, assess and consult on options for dualling the A66 and carrying out junction improvements to the A69.

Transport for the North continues to work with Highways England and the Department for Transport as this scheme enters the design phase.

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Manchester North West Quadrant Corridor

Manchester North West Quadrant Study

Whilst the M60 around Manchester fulfils a similar role to the M25 around London, no part of it is further than five miles from Manchester city centre and it is therefore also an integral part of Greater Manchester’s local road network. The North-West Quadrant of the M60 between junctions 8 and 18 contains some of the busiest stretches of road outside the M25.

The Manchester North-West Quadrant study has been investigating potential improvements to both road and public transport infrastructure in this area, to allow better options for both local and long-distance journeys.

A Stage 3 Report for the Manchester North West Quadrant study was published in November 2016, identifying four potential packages of transport improvements for this area. The Government subsequently announced that further work would be carried out to refine and shortlist these packages, with a view to deliver potential schemes during the next Road Investment Strategy period, from 2020-2025.

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Manchester North West Quadrant Northern Package

Trans Pennine Tunnel

The journey time between Manchester and Sheffield, two of the North’s major cities which are less than forty miles apart, is the worst per-mile journey time for any UK city pair. Average speeds are regularly below 30 miles per hour.

The Trans Pennine Tunnel study has been investigating the feasibility, cost and benefits of constructing a direct, all-weather route between Greater Manchester and Sheffield City Region.

A Stage 3 Report for the Trans Pennine Tunnel study was published in November 2016. It identified three potential corridors for a tunnel. The Government subsequently announced that more work would be carried out to understand the full costs and benefits of a tunnel, including the impact on the wider transport infrastructure across the southern Pennines.

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