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Northern Evidence Hub

Northern Evidence Hub (NEH)

To deliver on our vision of a thriving North of England, it’s crucial we provide an evidence-based case for transformational investment.

Our Business Plan highlights how our programmes are underpinned by robust evidence and a compelling strategy.

It’s crucial policymakers have easy access to essential resources that will empower them to make informed decisions, while helping them remain agile to future changes and opportunities.

That’s why we have created the Northern Evidence Hub, a collection of easily accessible reports that can help shape the future of investment and growth in the North.

By working in a collaborative way with partner local authorities and key stakeholders, we’re able to present a holistic picture of the wider needs of the region.

What is the Northern Evidence Hub?

The Northern Evidence Hub (NEH) has been developed to support Northern Policy makers and brings together all the work done on the Northern Powerhouse into a single library.

Collating a wide range of evidence in one place makes resources more readily available and easily accessible, which contributes to a more coherent, efficient and stronger evidence base for the North of England.

This is crucial to making the case for investment in the North, and that joined-up thinking is something we feel we can facilitate through the NEH.

What value does the NEH add?

The Northern Evidence Hub makes it easy to find reports, as well as to discover other supporting documents that have been published.

Whilst lots of reports have been produced about the North in recent years, it’s not always easy to track down or share the relevant information.

Reducing the time needed to locate these documents will speed up the process of implementing evidence-based policies.

Allowing all stakeholders to start from the same base knowledge will level the playing field and help us speak with “One Voice” when working on research or policy development.

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Making evidence accessible

The NEH can also significantly improve the accessibility of relevant evidence by making resources available in one place.

Short summaries of each source mean visitors can quickly judge whether the information is useful without consuming the whole document.

People can then choose to read more, or search through related tags and categories for similar subject matter.

Who can use the Northern Evidence Hub?

The simple answer is – anybody.

The platform has been designed to be as easy to use as possible.
And although it has been developed by economists at Transport for the North, it goes beyond simply transport and economics.

This is a one-stop-shop for researchers, advisers and decision makers. It therefore relies on a wide variety of users to populate the site.

It’s important we build as broad a base for all the relevant evidence relating to the Northern economy and regional growth as possible.

By creating an account, users can submit evidence that will improve the knowledge sharing community, and that could eventually help benefit the whole of the North.

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