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Strategic Transport Plan Position Statement Reports 19-06-2017

This report aims to give an overall view of TfN’s transport blueprint for the North, why it is needed, how it will be implemented and what the rewards will be to the region

Integrated Sustainability Appraisal Position Statement Reports 19-06-2017

To fully understand the impact that the Strategic Transport Plan will have the region’s rural and urban environments, the Integrated Sustainability Appraisal was commissioned to identify and highlight any potential issues and concerns that may affect the plans successful implementation.

Future Transport Demand Statement Reports 19-06-2017

Understanding the future travel needs of a transformed North of England is critical to understanding where improved connectivity and infrastructure investment is needed to support the levels of economic growth of the Northern Powerhouse.

Initial Integrated Rail Report Reports 19-06-2017

The report considers the current state of the rail network in the North and make recommendations as to where and when improvements can be made so that the anticipated increase in capacity and usage, together with better connectivity, can be absorbed into the Strategic Transport Plan.

Initial Major Roads Report Reports 19-06-2017

The report scrutinises the road networks across the North of England, identifying the threats and weaknesses that could impact on an efficient road transport structure, and the opportunities for improvement within current traffic corridors and new projects.

Integrated and Smart Factsheet Factsheet 19-06-2017

The aim of Integrated and Smart Travel (IST) is to create smooth, seamless journeys across the region through one single payment point.

Strategic Transport Plan Evidence Factsheet Factsheet 19-06-2017

This factsheet gives an overall view of all of the projects and consultations undertaken by TfN that supports Strategic Transport Plan

Strategic Transport Plan Factsheet Factsheet 19-06-2017

Sets out TfN's vision and values for the future of an integrated transport system in the North.

Freight and Logistics Factsheet Factsheet 19-06-2017

Defines the strategies that need to be undertaken so that the projected increase in road and rail freight can be achieved

Rail North Factsheet Factsheet 19-06-2017

Rail North Limited is an amalgamation of local transport authorities across the region and is responsible for awarding of franchises

International Connectivity Key Messages Factsheet 19-06-2017

This document sets out the plan for the North to be connected to the global marketplace via the regions ports and airports

Key challenges in developing a Strategic Transport Plan for the North Reports 19-06-2017

Key challenges in developing a Strategic Transport Plan for the North. A report by Campaign for Better Transport for Transport for the North

Integrated Business Plan 2017/18 Reports 4-04-2017

This Business Plan sets out how, over the next year, we will progress as an established leading edge organisation in preparation for becoming the first Sub-national Transport Body in England, paving the way for other regions to follow.

Spring 2017 Update Report Reports 28-03-2017

The Spring 2017 Update outlines TfN's year of progress, as well as the achievements and ambitions of TfN’s Partner authorities, and provides a glimpse of what is to come over the coming year.

Wider Transport Connectivity Study | Appendices Reports 27-03-2017

Appendicies to the Wider Transport Connectivity Study, the report looks to outline and present the evidence base that will be used to underpin the identification of future infrastructure


This report covers the evidence base around the existing conditions within the study area, and provides an initial view on the need for various transport interventions.