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Transport Skills

Our Strategic Transport Plan has the potential to create close to a million jobs and £97 billion of added value in the Northern economy but its success in delivering transformational change will depend on the transport skills that underpin it. With the support of KPMG, we have embarked on a broad review of transport skills through its stakeholder base to understand future skills requirements and potential gaps through to 2050. This work is vital to the delivery of our Strategic Transport Plan.

The project will collate and analyse input on transport skills supplied by regional business’s and a wide variety of stakeholders including Local and Combined Authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships, Educational Institutions and National Delivery Agencies such as Highways England, Network Rail, HS2.

The review will help us to gain a clear understanding of available and required skills and build an evidence base of skills provision, planned provision and a gap analysis. It will look at short, medium and long term requirements.

The output from our analysis will be a final report which will be available early 2018. This will include an analysis of transport skills gaps across the North with highlighted priority areas and suggested actions.

For more information on our Transport Skills Project contact:

Barbara White, Skills and Development Manager
t: 0161 244 1404


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