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Our vision is of a thriving North of England, where modern transport connections drive economic growth and support an excellent quality of life.

We are making the case for pan-Northern strategic transport improvements, which are needed to support transformational economic growth. This will allow the North to increase its productivity, create more job opportunities and make a greater contribution to the UK economy. It requires the delivery of a sustained investment programme across the North to build infrastructure, strengthen skills, harness innovation, and encourage smart technology.

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Economic Growth

We published the Northern Powerhouse Independent Economic Review, in June 2016. It explains that by 2050, a transformed North could see a 4% increase in productivity, equating to an increase in Gross Value Added (GVA) of almost £100 billion, and create up to 850,000 new jobs.

The review identifies four prime capabilities where the North is highly competitive. These are advanced manufacturing, digital, energy, and health innovation. To support these prime capabilities, the North has three enabling capabilities – higher education, logistics, and financial and professional services. Together, these capabilities account for around 2.1 million jobs (around 30% of all jobs in the North) and just over 35% of GVA.

Transformational improvements to the North’s transport connectivity are critical to help us achieve the vision of a globally competitive environment that can sustain economic growth, making the North a more attractive and buoyant marketplace. Improving connectivity between important economic centres will ensure the North’s people and businesses are better connected to their work and better able to do business.

Economic Growth

Strategic Transport Plan

Civic and business leaders from across the North have come together to publish our draft Strategic Transport Plan.

The 30-year plan is the first of its kind and outlines how transport connections across the North of England need to be transformed over the short, medium and long term to drive sustainable economic growth by 2050. Our public consultation on the draft Strategic Transport Plan and Integrated Sustainability Appraisal is now closed. The consultation ran from Tuesday 16 January 2018 until Tuesday 17 April 2018. Once all responses have been reviewed a final version of the plan will be published early 2019.

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Our programmes

Northern Powerhouse Rail

Northern Powerhouse Rail is a proposed network that can meet the needs of people and business, transforming connectivity between the important economic centres of the North.

Northern Powerhouse Rail
Northern Powerhouse Rail Emerging Network