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Transforming journeys in the North: The case for investment in roads

About our roads

Almost all journeys start and finish on local roads and they play a major part in everyone’s life, whether as a pedestrian, cyclist, bus passenger, freight operator, driver or passenger.

We all rely on a well-functioning road network to access jobs, goods and services. Investment in and better management of our roads has a vital role to play in providing a sustainable transport system.

Transport for the North have submitted a pan-Northern bid for a £700 million investment in the region’s roads over the next five years as part of the National Roads Fund, in order to unlock economic growth, deliver new homes, increase active travel, and improve public transport.

This investment aligns with our call for Government to commit to a ‘Northern Budget’ in the Autumn Spending Round, which will unlock the North’s potential.

Watch: The North's bid to the National Roads Fund

Better connectivity is the road to economic growth

Although our major cities are in relative proximity to each other, moving between them is not always practical or cost-effective. The congested connections between the North’s towns, cities and beyond restrict growth and opportunities for the people and businesses of the region.

Improved transport links can help boost productivity, enable access to more job opportunities, and deliver a stronger Northern and UK economy.

The case for investment in roads

The proposed schemes will help to address a number of challenges facing the North and bring wide-reaching benefits to the region.

They will do this by improving East-West connectivity, enhancing access to ports and airports, enabling active travel provision and public transport options, opening up new housing and job opportunities, boosting intra-city travel, and supporting sustainability and decarbonisation.

cyclist in Leeds
Passengers board bus York electric bus

National Roads Fund

Transport for the North and Partners, our 20 Local Transport Authorities and 50 Highway Authorities, have worked together to develop and agree the North’s recommendations for Major Road Network (MRN) and Large Local Major (LLM) schemes, which we believe should be supported by the Government’s National Roads Fund.

Critically, the viability of the proposal as a scheme ready to take forward into construction during the period 2020-2025 has been carefully considered.

National Roads Fund (NRF) | The proposed schemes

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Major Road Network (MRN):

Local Large Majors (LLM):

Transforming journeys in the North | The case for investment in roads

Transforming journeys in the North | The case for investment in roads: Transport for the North's pan-Northern bid to the National Roads Fund

Major Roads Report | Key messages

Key messages from the updated Major Roads Report which looks at the road networks across the North of England.