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Transport for the North’s Open Data Hub is helping to transform the customer information offer for public transport users across our region.

About the Open Data Hub

The Open Data Hub is an initiative of Phase Two of the Integrated and Smart Travel programme.

Working in collaboration with our Local Transport Authority partners, we want to make it easier for passengers to plan and stay up date about their journeys on public transport.

The Open Data Hub will provide a definitive, open-source of fares and disruption information for journey-planning app providers and other open data innovators to deliver to passengers.

The data will offer operators new insights about the public transport network. For passengers, it will help make journey planning an easier and more accessible experience, encouraging modal shift away from private cars.

The Open Data Hub is now live!

Access the Open Data Hub

What data is available?

Explore our interactive map to find out what information you can access on the Open Data Hub.

Click on each available to region to see what data sets are currently live or scheduled to be made available within that area.

The North is now publishing Disruption Messaging as open data!

Find out more: Transport for the North's Customer Information Vision


"Google are committed to innovation and ensuring we always deliver the best service for users of our Google Maps app wherever they are in the world. That’s why we are excited by Transport for the North’s Customer Information vision and the potential in enhanced, open public transport journey data across the North of England. Google are looking forward to working with TfN and their partners to see how we can enhance the North’s journey planning and information offer for all public transport passengers. "

Ed Parsons, Geospatial Technologist, Google

passenger using smartphone

Using open data to power enhanced digital travel information

High-quality, accessible and trusted customer information is key to encouraging people to use our public transport network.

That’s why our Department for Transport funded Integrated and Smart Travel programme is facilitating new open data sets that will help make planning how to travel from A to B much easier for bus and light rail passengers across the North.

We are working with our Local Transport Authority partners, as well as leading journey planning app providers and other open-data driven mobility service providers  to advance this vision. This work will bring together best practice and innovation from across the sector, delivering joined-up digital travel solutions.

"Transport for the North’s open data initiatives offer an invaluable opportunity for Moovit. As a company with a global reach, we are always looking for this type of localised project to improve our app and help customers travel smarter. We’re excited to be collaborating with TfN as they begin to unlock the potential in quality open transit data for the benefit of passengers across North of England."

Samuel Sedpiazza, Director of Partnerships, Moovit

"Passenger works closely with transport operators within the North of England region to enable innovative customer experiences through data. We are excited to be at the forefront of Transport for the North’s ambitious Integrated and Smart Travel programme, harnessing the power of open data to improve public transport journeys for everyone."

Tom Quay, CEO, Passenger

Open Data Hub go-live schedule

Liverpool City Region 

Open Data Hub – now live.

Planned disruptions messaging (SIRI SX):

Unplanned disruptions messaging (SIRI SX):

Nexus (Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive)

Open Data Hub – go-live June 2020.

Planned disruptions messaging (SIRI SX):

Unplanned disruptions messaging (SIRI SX):

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive

Open Data Hub – go-live Summer 2020.

Planned disruptions messaging (SIRI SX):

Unplanned disruptions messaging (SIRI SX):

Transport for Greater Manchester

Open Data Hub – now live.

Planned disruptions messaging (SIRI SX):

Unplanned disruptions messaging (SIRI SX):

West Yorkshire Combined Authority 

Open Data Hub – now live.

Planned disruptions messaging (SIRI SX):

Unplanned disruptions messaging (SIRI SX):