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Northern Powerhouse Rail

Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR) is a major strategic rail programme, designed to transform connectivity between the key economic centres of the North. The programme promises radical changes in service patterns and target journey times.

Emerging Vision for Northern Powerhouse Rail

A step change in rail connectivity between some of the North’s largest cities is required to grow opportunities for the next generation of workers and investors. Northern Powerhouse Rail, together with HS2, would transform rail travel across the North, offering much faster, more frequent and reliable rail links and opening up new opportunities for Northern citizens and businesses. Northern Powerhouse Rail would link the North’s six main cities and Manchester Airport, as well as other significant economic centres. It could be developed in stages, making best use of existing rail infrastructure and planned investments (such as HS2) alongside new railway lines and significant upgrades.

Northern Powerhouse Rail Emerging Network

Connecting the key economic areas and cities of the North


Northern Powerhouse Rail Director, Tim Wood explains that Northern Powerhouse Rail is a transformational rail programme to better connect the key economic areas and cities of the North. Delivered over 30 years and combining new, existing and already planned lines, the programme will improve east-west connections, offering a radical change in journey times, reliability frequency and capacity.

Currently fewer than 10,000 people in the North can access four or more of the North’s largest economic centres within an hour. This would rise to 1.3 million once Northern Powerhouse Rail is delivered; transforming the job market, giving businesses access to skilled workers in larger labour markets and offering individuals the opportunity for flexible career development and progression, all within the North of England.

By delivering Northern Powerhouse Rail more than 40% of businesses identified as having the North’s prime capabilities (as identified in the Northern Powerhouse Independent Economic Review) would be within 90 minutes rail travel of four or more of the North’s largest economic centres, compared with only 12% today.

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In 2018 we will:

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Northern Powerhouse Independent Economic Review – Core Messages

A transformed North could see a 4% increase in productivity, equating to an increase GVA of almost £100 billion, and create up to 850,000 new jobs.

Strategic Transport Plan Draft for Consultation Jan 2018

Our 30-year vision for transport investment in the North of England includes a series of pan-northern transport objectives which need to be realised in order to achieve transf