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Rail North Partnership

The Rail North Partnership is the team which acts on behalf of Transport for the North and the Department for Transport to manage Northern and TransPennine rail franchises.

Both Northern and TransPennine Express, began their franchise agreements in April 2016, have committed hundreds of millions to the transformation of rail passenger services. With support from Transport for the North and the Department for Transport, the two train operating companies are leading the way for innovative and devolved rail franchising with over £1 billion of new investment.


Between now and 2020 Northern will invest £500 million in 281 new carriages, bringing 98 new trains into service including 140 diesel and 141 new electric carriages. Fleet size will be increased by 15% and all remaining 624 carriages will be refurbished. In addition to this:

TransPennine Express

Over three years, TransPennine Express will be investing £500 million in 220 brand new carriages to provide 13 million seats a year, transforming the customer experience. Further initiatives include: