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Central Pennines

Our work on this corridor will look at the case for improving east-west connectivity in the corridor for some of the North’s important economic centres in North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Hull and the Humber, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Liverpool, and the options for improving road, rail and waterborne capacity.

This corridor covers a major economic area of the North, home to global businesses, supply chains and economic assets. It contains the largest aerospace cluster in the U.K., including BAE Systems and Rolls Royce and has internationally competitive advantages in sectors such as the automotive and other advanced manufacturing industries. Freight and logistics is important in this corridor, connecting the Port of Liverpool with ports on the Humber as well as the international airports at Leeds Bradford and Liverpool.

Improving transport connections would support economic growth and attract businesses and investment to the North creating jobs and supporting the development of new housing.

There is high and growing demand for better road and rail links between Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds which already exceeds capacity.

Work on this corridor will consider the following pan-northern objectives:

Potential improvements to transport infrastructure will consider the impacts of:

Central Pennines

The findings of our current work on this Strategic Development Corridor will inform our long-term Investment Programme to provide a pipeline of projects to support economic growth in the North between now and 2050.

Update | January 2018

Following the launch of our Strategic Transport Plan (STP) on 16th January, the Strategic Development Corridor teams will be using the opportunity to engage with stakeholders at the STP events during February and March.

We will use the planned events at Whitehaven, Liverpool, Blackburn, Leeds, Stockton, Manchester, Hull, and Llandudno, as well as an additional event in Newcastle, to feedback the information received at our workshops in November and provide an update on our option appraisal process.

A wide range of stakeholders will be invited, and information about the events will be made available soon.

Connecting the Energy Coasts West and Wales

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September 2017

Start of commission

The Central Pennines Strategic Development Corridor commission began in September 2017.
Our consultants, WSP/SDG, are working closely with managers and programme leads at TfN, as well as our partners at Highways England, DfT, Network Rail and local authorities.
Work on the first three corridors is being delivered concurrently , and the consultant teams are working collaboratively to ensure consistency of approach across the north.

Public engagement on a number of the Strategic Corridors has already begun, to register your interest in attending a future event or to request more information please email

We have already started assessment work on the following Strategic Development Corridors:

Connecting the Energy Coasts West and Wales