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Transport Analysis, Modelling and Economics

TAME stands for Transport Analysis, Modelling and Economics. We provide the evidence base for Transport for the North’s (TfN’s) long-term plans to use transport to connect the towns and cities of the North to create a more productive economic area. TAME is a team of analysts, data scientists and transport modellers who develop innovative data analytics and modelling tools and apply these tools in our programmes and business cases to show how transport could enable this economic transformation.

Our impact

TAME focuses on developing new modelling and appraisal approaches and tools to show how transport could support an economic transformation in the North. Our tools are striving to capture a more comprehensive and rounded picture of economic benefits, looking beyond time savings and productivity to estimate improvements in welfare and well-being for different socio-economic groups.

Analytical framework

Our objective is ‘one voice’ for data, appraisal and modelling for pan-Northern travel. We’re building the Analytical Framework as a set of tools for the North to represent the transport system and its impact on the economy, now and in the future, through our Future Travel Scenarios. In the Strategic Transport Plan we set out how we’re building our evidence base to support the Analytical Framework, with a focus on representing the North more accurately. To make the case for investment we are also developing tools to show how improvements in connectivity can transform the economy whilst also making the North more inclusive and environmentally sustainable.

Analytical Framework
High speed computer banks


We are committed to knowledge exchange and encouraging collaboration between researchers and business, public and civil society. By creating a dialogue between these communities, knowledge exchange helps research to influence policy and practice. TAME works closely with our Economics and Research team, ensuring that new evidence from our research programme is built into the Analytical Framework to inform future decision making.

Data and Tools

TAME is developing datasets, interactive data visualisations and analytical tools to be made openly available online. By sharing these resources with other transport analysts and planners around the North, we aim to help improve the quality and consistency of analysis, modelling and appraisal across the region. Initial content will be available later in 2020.

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Land Value report cover
Land Value and Transport (Phase 2): Modelling and Appraisal

Land Value and Transport (Phase 2): Modelling and Appraisal reveals the relationships between transport links and property value in the North.